Community Extension Coordinator

Master of Science in Biological Engineering , Mapúa University
BS Biological Engineering , Mapúa  University
BS Chemistry, Mapúa University

Phone: +632- 5245572/+632-7516482


Honors and Awards

  • Magna Cum Laude -BS Biological Engineering
  • Cum Laude -BS Chemistry

Research Interest

  • computational biology
  • drug design


  • M.C. Gomez, R.A.D. Alvarico, R.E. Valbuena, A.M.C. Aquino, A.R. Matira, L.L. Tayo, In silico protein structure comparison of conotoxins with VI/VII cysteine framework, in: ACM Int. Conf. Proceeding Ser., 2019. .
  • M.C. Gomez, A.M.C. Aquino, A.R. Matira, R.A.D. Alvarico, R.E. Valbuena, L.L. Tayo, Alpha-family of conotoxins: An analysis of structural determinants, in: ACM Int. Conf. Proceeding Ser., 2019: pp. 40–46. .
  • M.C. Gomez, N.L.T. Dasalla, A.S.M. Espiritu, R.A.M. Lontok, G.E.A. Santiago, A.H.B. Torres, I.N.D. Tiburcio, L.L. Tayo, Whole genome sequence analysis of influenza A virus from four outbreaks between 1968-2013, in: ACM Int. Conf. Proceeding Ser., 2019: pp. 65–68.