Materials Engineering Society is an organization for students taking the program Materials Science and Engineering. The organization’s main objective is to unite all the students and faculty under the said program. This organization is the product of the collaboration between the alumni, faculty and students who were determined to mold a family to help all the students live a solid, durable and secure campus life. The organization conducts activities that strengthen the bonds of all the members, and support the members on their discovery of their role as students and as future engineers.

Mission and Vision of Materials Engineering Society (MATES) of the Mapua Institute of Technology

  • Uniting students and faculties in attaining their common  interest
  • Development of members social, intellectual, and academic potential through activities
  • Advancement and Development of Materials Science and Engineering in MIT through extensive research and design. (undergraduate thesis, feasibility, design)

For questions, you may contact:

President: Visco, Sarah D. – 09175267935

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Dolot, Albert Felix – 09175073504

Vice President of External Affairs: Tamargo, Rosen-Avery – 09175440863