Mapua & Lipp (Germany) Tie-up Student Visit

As part of the partnership between Mapúa University and German biogas tank producer Lipp GmbH established in May last year, 45 students from Mapúa CBMES led by Dr. Michelle Almendrala, Heherson Cabrera, and Peter Matthew Paul Fowler visited the Absolut Distillers, Inc. (ADI) plant in Lian, Batangas, on May 24, 2023. ADI uses anaerobic digestion to treat the distillery waste, generating biogas in the process, which is used to produce steam to fuel the distillery process, therefore offsetting the use of fossil fuels. This hands-on plant experience was part of a biogas plant safety training, conducted by Michael Köttner, CEO of IBBK Biogas Network, Germany.